Kicking the Coke Habit

izzieIn the South when someone wants a carbonated beverage, we don’t ask if you want a soda or pop. We ask if you are thirsty for a Coke and then ask what kind of Coke offering anything from Dr. Pepper to Pepsi to a Sundrop. With Coke’s birthplace in Atlanta, they own us in the South.

So I grew up drinking Coke practically from the baby bottle. There wasn’t the variety of soda pop back then. Later on, Tab and Fresca hit the scene. But Coke was mainly reserved for eating out. It was a treat not a mainstay.

As a young girl, I would spend a few weeks at a camp fire girl summer camp. I remember coming in from those hot summer days of play to grab a bottle of Coke from its ice water bath, droplets forming on the cold green bottle. Then the real magic happened as we dropped in a skinny packet of salted peanuts. Ice cold Coke and salty crunch together spelled summer fun.

Later on Diet Coke became my Coke of choice. It was my coffee substitute, breakfast on the go, even replacing Southern sweet tea. I was hooked.

Throughout the years I’ve kicked my Coke habit. Like an alcoholic, I could tell you when I had my last Diet Coke. However, whenever I entered a stressful period, I found myself craving Diet Coke and usually gave in.

Now I might drink a Diet Coke when I go out for Mexican food or if I’m having a really tough day at work but I don’t drink at home. Instead I drink lots of water and have found a satisfying replacement. Izze’s sparkling pomegranate gives me that fizz and flavor that makes it just as special a treat as Coke.

What’s the bad habit you’ve kicked and what did you replace it with?

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