Eatin’ Right and Wrong at Chuy’s

chuysSo my friend Linda and I decided to enjoy the nice summer day by eating out on the porch at Chuy’s. As a Vegan and long time Chuy’s aficionado, Linda’s figured out exactly how to customize her order so that it fits her tastes and vegan food choices. When they see Linda coming, most of the staff know her custom order of veggie enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce.

So that’s the good Linda. Now, let me tell you about the bad Linda. There sat that basket of tortilla chips, fried in oil, calling our names but those fried tasties were shouting at Linda. She indulged like there was no tomorrow to the tune of a couple of baskets. It happens before you know it.

Linda’s learned how to prevent this debacle from happening. She warns her wait staff to never refill a basket. And the other smart decision she makes is to have her waiters bring out a to go box in which she immediately places half her order. If you’ve eaten at Chuy’s, you know this is an act of willpower.

What is your strategy when you eat out?



One thought on “Eatin’ Right and Wrong at Chuy’s

  1. Gee, thanks a LOT Alisa, for telling the world my big secret! Yeah, so I’m a sucker for oily tortilla chips. At Chuys, just let the wait staff know that you are trying to cut back. I tell them not to bring me another basket even if I BEG them for it. They usually watch out for me and help me out. And oh yeah, you forgot to tell them how many of those tasties that YOU ate!

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