Eatin’ Right and Wrong at Chuy’s

chuysSo my friend Linda and I decided to enjoy the nice summer day by eating out on the porch at Chuy’s. As a Vegan and long time Chuy’s aficionado, Linda’s figured out exactly how to customize her order so that it fits her tastes and vegan food choices. When they see Linda coming, most of the staff know her custom order of veggie enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce. Continue reading

Dixie Vegan


green beansWhile I’m not as Southern as Paula Deen, I grew up liking my beans slow cooked and porked, whether it was green beans that fell apart from a day of stewing with bacon or a big bowl of pinto beans thick as gravy with a side of buttery cornbread.

Almost every meal was accompanied by the star of Southern starches – potatoes. Mashed potatoes with butter pools led the pack followed closely by fried potatoes with blackened bits of potato crunchy goodness. Continue reading